Thursday, 6 April 2017

balloon experiment

On Monday morning Jordan, Fraser, Christian, Zayden and I did a Force and Motion experiment in room 10. We learnt the Force in Motion Experiment.

First we Watch the video it was Force and Motion. Force and Motion is when you push or pull something to make it move.
Next we got into groups. We choose the groups by free choice.
Then we  started to test Force and Motion, we did this by putting a water balloon in a normal balloon and we throw it a around and it hit the ground but it didn't pop the water balloon was changing rotation inside the normal balloon. Then last we recorded it because Miss Matthews told us to and I had fun. If I could change the experiment I would put five water balloons in one normal balloon because i would want to see if it would hit the ground and pop.  I also think it would fall to the ground because it would be too heavy for the normal balloon.

By Karn.


  1. Hi karn. I like the way you used the peoples names. and the word motion that is a very good by Jordan Great work!


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